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Artful visual accentuation with our LED drywall profiles

Lighting is more than just light: it is almost a kind of art. Because especially in interior design, light sets important accents for the interior design. For this reason, we offer various LED profiles for drywall construction, which enable you to achieve exactly this visual accentuation.

Our aluminum profiles are installed directly and according to your individual wishes in the object. The later insertion of the LED lighting as well as the accessories is done easily and quickly by click function. Thus, shelves, walls as well as ceilings can be equipped with the energy-efficient LED technology in an uncomplicated way, whereby your drywall construction project reaches a new level.

Maximum flexibility for creative use of the LED profiles

We are always pleased to see how imaginative our customers are in working with our products. Because that is exactly what we want to achieve: not only to make work easier, but also to stimulate creativity.

Different element sizes and a variety of functional as well as optical designs offer the necessary flexibility to cover the widest possible range of applications for our LED profiles in drywall construction. They are excellent for installing ceiling spotlights, shelf lighting or spotlights on the stairs. Whatever you have in mind: our flexible tools make it possible.

However, we are not only concerned with creating an appealing look. With our DL 2S aluminum profile, you also have the option of installing a multi-purpose profile in any drywall construction. In addition to LED lights, it can be used to attach curtain and drape tracks.

This combination offers you countless possibilities for room beautification – both in private and commercial areas.

Moreover, it is easily possible to convert the rail into a gallery rail. By using a perlon rope, you can easily hang pictures and set them perfectly in scene with the help of LED lighting – without the use of a hammer or drill.

Our profile covers are a popular addition for the LED lighting and round off our range of accessories. These fit exactly on the DL 2S aluminum profile, allowing you to create stylish effects in just a few simple steps. You can choose between clear, satin (opal white) as well as black (black & white), which allows you to give the built-in lighting an exclusive character.


Linear LED lighting for drywall construction

LED profile DL 2S

The LED profile DL 2S – Direct Light with 2 wings – is the simplest way to install linear lighting flush between two plasterboard or wood panels in drywall construction. It has never been so uncomplicated to set lighting accents in interior construction. The aluminum profile is fastened directly to the substructure before a finishing panel is abutted to the left and right of it. Done!

Length: 2 m
Dimensions (h x w): 54 x 13.8 mm

LED profile DL Junior

Our LED profile DL Junior – Direct Light Junior – is a flat aluminum profile, which guarantees you a high degree of individuality in the design. For mounting, a groove is milled into the panels you use, in which the LED profile can then be inserted to fit exactly. This allows you to determine the distances between the profiles, mill curves or miter profiles around corners and edges. There are no limits to the design. With our VCUT series sawing and milling machines, the elements can be prefabricated or milled on site with the GROOVE 90.

Length: 2 m
Dimensions (h x w): 16.4 x 9.9 mm

DL gypsum prefabricated panel

By using the DL gypsum prefabricated panels in modular design with already integrated aluminum profile, a simple, fast and above all cost-effective installation of LED lighting in drywall construction can be realized. The 14 available panel variants, which include 1-, 2- and 3-track elements, can be combined according to your imagination and thus enable the implementation of an individual, creative lighting design. The flush installation in walls and ceilings guarantees a high aesthetic quality.


Regardless of which of our LED profiles you choose: Thanks to the carefully selected range of accessories, there are no limits to your design options even after installation. Every aluminum profile is suitable for holding LED strips. In addition, you have the option of attaching a profile cover in clear, satin (opal white) as well as black (black & white), thus giving your installed light an exclusive character. Alternatively, by using a plastic rail, curtains, drapes or pictures can be hung quickly and easily and combined with the LED lighting.

Profile cover

satin (opal white), black (black & white)


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