Over 25 years of experience in mechanical engineering – focus on drywall and interior construction


Manufacturer. Advisor.

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Sophisticated machines, practical tools, intuitive mechanisms.
That's what DRYWALLTEC stands for.

You are part of DRYWALLTEC

Your product ideas and improvements

It is important to us at DRYWALLTEC to never lose touch with the construction site. We want to advance the practice with our machines and tools for drywall construction. For this reason, it is part of our corporate culture to have you as a partner at our side. Because we create the great practical relevance not only through our own experience, but above all through drywallers who work with our machines every day. We are convinced that you, as a craftsman, have the best ideas for developing new products and improving our existing ones.

Therefore, do not hesitate to approach us with new ideas for drywall construction or suggestions – gladly beyond our own machines. With us, you have a strong sales partner at your side who will be happy to support you in implementing your innovations.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, suggestions etc. you may have – we'll get back to you shortly.