Accessories for drywall

Perfect vacuuming and bonding

With our accessories for drywall construction, you will succeed in making the work with our machines even cleaner and more efficient. In doing so, we rely above all on two techniques that we have been constantly developing for over ten years: vacuuming and bonding. Always in consultation with professionals from the drywall construction industry, in order to optimally adapt our products to practical applications.

Vacuum technology

Our extraction unit for stationary machines is not only suitable for general cleaning tasks, but above all for the spot extraction of hand-held devices and table machines. This makes our extraction unit indispensable, especially for the working and processing of cement or gypsum materials in drywall construction.

When selecting our vacuum system, we attached great importance to a consistently strong and long-lasting extraction performance. This is achieved by the so-called cyclone effect. In this process, up to 90 percent of the dust is separated by the upstream cyclone of the unit instead of entering the vacuum cleaner. This significantly extends the service life of the vacuum cleaner filter, which only picks up the remaining fine dust. However, the use of the pre-separator not only guarantees a permanently higher suction power of our extraction system, but also ensures the efficient extraction of the largest quantities of dust.

In addition, our extractor has the advantages of high mobility and portability, which are achieved in particular by its low weight.

Due to its robust construction, the vacuuming system is perfectly suited for the high demands of the construction site. It can be used basically and universally as a light and at the same time powerful vacuum cleaner. In addition to mobile extraction systems, we offer stationary and complete extraction systems. Our primary goal here is to create a dust-free environment for the workers at the machines.

Adhesive technology

We have found that drywallers adopt a wide variety of bonding techniques to address any situation. To meet the associated requirements, we offer a broad product portfolio for both hot and cold glueing techniques.

Our adhesive assortment ranges from glue sticks to cartridges and granulates. The primary difference is usually the processing speed.

However, it is not only in terms of the adhesive that the right product must be selected for the respective requirement - various aspects must also be taken into account when selecting the right glue gun. That is why we have two types in our range:

  • Tank melting gun with pneumatic application
  • Hot melt gun with electric drive

The tank melting gun is best suited for gluing pre-fab drywall shapes. Thanks to its light weight and ergonomic design, it is designed for one-handed operation. Due to its high capacity and melting power, even large jobs can be completed. With the hot glue gun, the 18 mm glue sticks are heated by two electric motors and are thus quickly ready for use. This means that the best gluing results can be achieved without a compressor.

If, on the other hand, you want to use the cold gluing technique, you can rely on our PU glue. This was explicitly developed for use on materials containing gypsum. The characteristic foaming has been minimized in order to exclude pressure forces on drywall profiles.

In general, we also offer variable adhesive devices for all methods (hot glue, cold glue or special adhesive tapes), which enable you to glue molded parts at an angle.


Tools for drywall construction

There are many good tools for interior finishing. However, our selection of corresponding products comes FROM the trade FOR the trade. The innovative tools were invented and further developed by drywallers. Small problems that occur again and again can thus also be solved by you efficiently and in the simplest way.

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Whether as a useful gadget, as a special gift for employees or as standard equipment for the entire company:

With our drywall tools you are always right when it comes to solving small challenges easily and efficiently.

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Your partner for innovative solutions in drywall construction

It is important to us at DRYWALLTEC to never lose touch with the construction site. We want to advance the practice with our machines and tools for drywall construction. For this reason, it is part of our corporate culture to offer useful helpers – also from other drywall professionals – on our website. We see this as an added value for everyone involved.

Developers of practical tools have a marketplace through us - so we can offer a comprehensive range. And you benefit from a larger selection as well as higher quality - from one source. Here we would like to point out that you can also approach us with a new idea at any time. We see ourselves as a strong partner for innovative solutions in drywall construction.

If this includes advancing product developments, we are happy to support you.

DRYWALLTEC sees itself as a fully responsible company for drywall construction – both for the production of important machines and in terms of solutions for seemingly small problems. Therefore, don't be afraid to approach us with new ideas for drywall tools. We are an innovative company and we want to stay that way with you by our side.