Drywall companies can rely on DRYWALLTEC when it comes to milling and sawing machines for panel processing and the associated service. Hardly any other company is as closely involved in the development and manufacture of the machines as DRYWALLTEC is. And with DRYWALLTEC's machine technology you can counteract the shortage of skilled workers!

By pre-fab gypsum parts, such as simple plaster angles, folded elements or even completely prefabricated ceiling canopies, which only need to be assembled on site, you save an enormous amount of time and reduce personnel costs.

The reduction of personnel costs and the compensation of the shortage of skilled workers can primarily be achieved by using well thought-out machine technology. With more than 13 years of experience in milling machine construction, we are available with our knowledge as consultants and partners for practical solutions. In the wide-ranging portfolio of milling and sawing machines for cutting and milling various panels for interior finishing, drywallers will find the right solution for producing pre-formed plasterboard and drywall shapes easily and quickly on the construction site or in the factory. To all fabricators who already have in-house pre-fab production, we recommend upgrading their own production with employee-friendly (ergonomic) solutions.

As the owner, you should take care to keep your workforce healthy and make their work easier with machine technology. In this way, you can ensure a resilient workforce in the long term. To this end, we offer ergonomic solutions for handling plate materials. Vacuum lifters for panels, suspended from a column-mounted slewing crane or overhead rail system, offer absolute added value for you and your workforce.

GROOVE 90 - the mobile solution for the construction site

The hand-guided routing and sawing machine convinces with its precise routing pattern for plasterboard, multi-layer wood, MDF and aluminum composite panels. The milling disc, which rotates like a saw blade, enables a clean and sharp edge. In contrast to devices with a rotating milling head, the groove is dust-free and directly ready for gluing. High-quality interchangeable tools can be used to produce V-grooves of 45 and 90 degrees as well as saw cuts and multiple cuts with four saw blades for curves. In addition, a width-adjustable milling disc for rectangular grooves from 15 to 25 millimeters can be installed, which can be used to mill grooves for the insertion of LED or curtain profiles. With the guide rails in lengths of 1.6 and 2.1 meters, all common panel lengths can be processed. The rails are expandable with a connection piece.

VCUT 2600/4000 - stationary milling and sawing tables for stationary production

The VCUT 2600 and VCUT 4000 represent the current state of the art in stationary milling and sawing tables with modular units. With decades of experience in the production of milling tables, Franz Holzner's team has developed a manual milling and sawing machine that combines the advantages of the other two well-known manufacturers:

  • enormous accuracy when producing dimensionally identical pre-fab parts thanks to a unique quick-stop system on both machine axes
  • more than 80 percent time reduction by saving the corner bead
  • no more filling required thanks to perfect edges - directly ready for painting
  • optimized extraction for a low-dust working environment and fast further processing (e.g. gluing)

Thanks to exchangeable units, the VCUT series offers a wide range of processing options for milling, sawing and duplicating panel materials, mainly gypsum board, but also materials such as fermacell® or OSB: from L-angles and U-shapes to reveal and slot panels and fire protection cuttings.

Two different table lengths offer maximum flexibility. With the VCUT 2600, panels with a length of 3.1 meters can be processed. At the same time, the table's dimensions are still compact enough for most workshops. The VCUT 4000 offers an even longer working area, on which two-by-two-meter panels can be machined simultaneously one behind the other.

The development team paid central attention to the safety features. The VCUT series is the only machine on the market with a separate safety circuit, protecting operators from unintentional restart of the units. The focus was also on reducing the risk of injury that can occur when changing aggregates on competitors' machines.

Profi 1 CNC machine - the latest technology for mass and individual production

The Profi 1 CNC machine provides high-performance sawing of panel materials up to 1,500 by 3,000 millimeters in standard sizes, although larger dimensions can also be configured. Services include drawing, contour calculation, and DXF and 3D machining. The machine is optionally equipped with ball screw or rack and pinion drive with dirt deflectors. The intuitively operable software convinces both professionals and beginners. The entire system is designed to be very space-saving, so that precise CNC production is possible even in limited space.

Lifting technology - panel handling made easy

Vacuum lifting technology can be found in many industrial productions, especially when it comes to bulky and/or heavy material. With the latest suction technology, gypsum boards of several types can now be sucked up and transported without any problem. A pillar-mounted slewing crane covers a radius of action around a machine - but if further distances are to be covered with material, ceiling systems are usually used. Depending on the building conditions and application requirements, these systems have their individual strengths. With a lifting system, you protect your employees from back injuries and offer a modern working environment. We are available here as consultants and planners with our know-how.

DRYWALLTEC GmbH exclusively offers all BIG members a free consultation on machine technology and workplace design.

In addition, only BIG members receive a discount of 15%* on the standard range (excluding special solutions such as lifting systems and CNC machines).

* This offer is limited until 31.03.2023.

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